As an engine of technology and innovation, the gaming and consumer electronics industry has been driving developments in the IT sector for years: Faster processors, larger RAM and storage media, as well as powerful graphics cards are particularly in demand by gamers. And yet, this industry still has immense potential for innovation that can even benefit your company. And alphaQuest unlocks this potential for you.

The use of hardware and software technologies in this non-entertainment context as “Applied Interactive Technologies (APITs)” offers enormous potential for innovation in other areas and industries. Virtual reality for product design or real estate marketing, augmented reality in logistics or health care, game engines for the simulation of processes and systems, and for employee training, motion control for autonomous vehicles and robots in Industry 4.0.

Virtual Reality

We develop software for
Virtual Reality.

Mixed Reality

We develop software for
Mixed Reality.

Mobile App

We develop software for smartphones, wearables and tablets.

Our Range of Services

Joint development of your ideas and concepts.
Create solutions and plan according to your ideas.
Needs-oriented development and realization of your concepts.
Mob App
Education and training of your employees in new technologies.

Mixed Reality with the Microsoft HoloLens

HoloLens from Microsoft is one of the augmented reality glasses that can integrate digital content, such as games or apps, into the real world. The data glasses are wireless and do not have to be connected to a smartphone or PC. The built-in screen displays content in the user’s field of vision while still allowing a view of the current environment. Communication with the wearer is possible at any time.

HoloLens in the Industrial Sector

We are developing HoloLens applications for daily use in industry, and we are currently testing them in the production and research departments of our industrial partners. Together with our partners, we jointly develop strategies and solutions for the sustainable use of modern technologies.

Application Examples

  • Get assembly instructions and live IoT information displayed with “Augmented Reality” glasses that leave your hands free.
  • Let customers test a product or service virtually with Virtual Reality or Augmented Reality (furniture sales, furnishings, automotive demonstrations).
  • Appropriately support the work of trainees or consumers/customers through Augmented Reality and Video-Streaming from the boss/expert as mentor.
  • Use people or motion sensors (e.g. MS Kinect or Asus Xtion) for the contactless control of machines, or the monitor, in the operating room.
  • Game engines for simulation and visualisation of processes and systems (architecture, further education, customer communication).

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